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oli888 - 11.06.2006, 13:46 Uhr
Titel: Wireless router...

I have just bought an Netgear MR314 wireless router. Does Kanotix support it?

hubi - 11.06.2006, 13:49 Uhr
Titel: Wireless router...
Give it a try. You can always use ndiswrapper and your win-drivers, if there is no Linux support.

slh - 11.06.2006, 17:05 Uhr
Titel: RE: Wireless router...
A router offers a standardized interface, so every router (bearing an ethernet interface) is supported by design.
Gowator - 15.06.2006, 07:52 Uhr
Titel: RE: Wireless router...
Simply configure it using the ethernet connection ... usually for netgear this is done with a browser on but check the quick start guide... for password/username etc.
Once that is done and you set the wioreless config you can set up the wireless.
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