Hardware - Trying to restore MBR on 40gb Maxtor Drive

chowyunpat - 30.06.2006, 02:29 Uhr
Titel: Trying to restore MBR on 40gb Maxtor Drive
I know this forum is for regular Kantoix, but I had CPX-MINI installed on a hard drive and I was unhappy with its performance and I tried to resintall an updated version over it. Well. it turns out with the first install I installed grub on the mbr and I have not been able to restore it.

If I have the hardrive jumber set on Master no Live CD will boot at all. If I remove the jumper then I can boot into live CD.. CPX-Mini shows the drive as hdb. When I try to mount if from the home folder, this is what I get:

Mounting /media/hdb
mount: I could not determine the filesystem type, and none was specified
Mount failed

There was one error.

Any pointers or help anyone can offer me. I know this has to be possible, I just dont have any idea where to start.
bluewater - 30.06.2006, 08:37 Uhr
I dont know if CPX-mini has the andreas installer , but if it has , it has a button to repair
bluewater - 30.06.2006, 09:39 Uhr
This is from #Kanotix,, i dont know if it applies to CPX-Mini.. it should give you the needed guidance

"grub" could be http://kanotix.com/FAQ-id_cat-2.html (DE) ,or http://kanotix.com/FAQ-id_cat-13.html (EN);run the kanotix-installer from live-cd in 'repair mode' to fix a broken-grub [or move grub to another partition] or a line like: grub-install --recheck --no-floppy --root-directory=/media/hdxx /dev/hda
schnorrer - 30.06.2006, 10:32 Uhr
chowyunpat: every Bios can do this job, Selecting the correct boot-device. you have normaly not to jumper the devices for this option.

Junper your hd to be the first(master) drive and the CD as the slave. than go to the bios setup, debending on bios. bootorder. there you can seleckt from which drive you will boot the next-time starting the PC.

If you set here CD than drive C:, with no Bootable CD the bootprozess will go to the HD where you benix is installed.
CPX-Mini has no repair-function and by default cpx-mini is a live-cd size less than 256MByte

You have cpx-mini instlled on a hd, may be it is the iso and a spezial version of grub, which allows you to boot tihs iso as a loop-device.
chowyunpat - 01.07.2006, 23:38 Uhr
Thanks, I will take all these ideas into consideration. Bluewater, u mention about the Andreas Installer, do you mean the Kanotix-installer once you are in the desktop on the livecd?.. I hope CPX-MINI
has this option, but I don't think it does.

Again thanks for the tips, I appreciate the quick responses.
schnorrer - 02.07.2006, 00:39 Uhr
boot with kanotix-cd and do not use the installer-gui. use grubinstall-hd.sh instaed. note:this is a commandline tool, running from ROOTSHELL
chowyunpat - 23.09.2006, 04:43 Uhr
sorry it took me so long to respond.. I tried this last option but it didnt work seems, Im not able to restore the MBR, so Im get a new one.

I learned a lesson, dont try anything that isnt supported and dont put GRUB or Lilo on the MBR
kb0hae - 24.09.2006, 06:02 Uhr
Hi chowyunpat. I don't know about Maxtor drives, but Western Digital drives have diagnostic software that you can download. If Maxtor has any type of diagnostic software, you may want to run it to check your drive. If you replace the drive, I would recommend Western Digital. Maxtor drives have a high failure rate.

If you can get a Windows 98 diskette (if your computer has a floppy drive) boot from it, choose to boot without CD-rom support. At the command line, type fdisk /mbr and hit enter. This should wipe out the previous grub installation, and you should be able to re-install grub. To do so, boot from the Kanotix live CD and do the following.
click on the fish icon and choose the installer. in the installer, choose the repair option. IF this does not work for you, try the following.
In a terminal window, type sudo passwd and hit enter. Enter a password twice. then type su and hit enter. you will be asked for the password you just entered. Type it in and hit enter. This makes you root for the terminal session. Then type grub. This opens the grub program. At the prompt type:
root (hdx,y) where the x is the drive and y is the partition that Kanotix is installed on. In grub, the first drive and/or partition is 0. So if Kanotix is on the first hard drive, in the third partition, you would type:
root (hd0,2)
Then you type :
setup (hdx)where the x is the drive to install grub to. Usually this is the first drive, the one the system boots from. So in most cases you would type:
setup (hd0)
If it worked, you should see a message that grub was installed sucessfully.
So if Kanotix is installed on the second hard drive, in the first partition you would type:
root (hd1,0)
setup (hd0)

Good Luck!
chowyunpat - 29.10.2006, 18:59 Uhr
this is where im at

i used the Kanotix 2006 edition
and i went to the Kanotix-install from the Kanotix menu
I chose recover and exsist kanotix-hd installation
i chose restore MBR on hdb.. cuz thats the only place where i had a choice to install anything
so i did that
i restore the CD and I see somethig like hdb I/0 error.. and it said that twice but went into the Kanotix livecd desktop
I restarted and I see hdb listed under media
I click on the folders and there is nothing.
I clicked on the folder properties and it says 0 filles 0 folders, 4.9mb out of 5.7 15% used.. it shows that i accessed it today and changed it today.

now i can to the Kanotix installer and choose install Kanotix to hard drive

and they are 2 choise.. under Root partition there is nothing listed under root partition
the second choice is to format with. and i can chooes from a file system from there.. but there is nothing to format

I click on Set mountpoints and when i check that box it shows under Gerat /dev/hdb and there is nothing under mountpoint

I click on partition mananger in the drive selection it shows hdb ahd shows the same thing in the partition table display which is white

in the table under that it shows 01 under Partition everthing is empty except status, it says Empty and under label it says table.

I right click on properties.. i get 2 choices Device Property and make a new partition table

i click on Device properties and there are only entries in 2 place. It says device shortname /dev/hdb and under device status it says Available..

I have no idea where to go from here. If tnothing else works I will just get another hard drive

Maxtors drive utilities cannot read the drive at all. nothing else worked

This drive worked great until install CPX-Mini and then tried to install over it with a new version of CPX-mini and in both instances install grub in the MBR.

I want people to learn from my lesson, it ifs unsupported then dont use it and never install Grub or Lilo to the MBR.
h2 - 29.10.2006, 19:41 Uhr
grub or lilo are not the problems. You're assuming a cause and affect relationship between a drive failing and grub which I don't think is correct.

Sounds like your drive is dead, or that the cable connecting the drive to the mobo is faulty.

Swap cables, then run the livecd, kanotix, and use gparted to see if it sees both hard drives, hda and hdb.

If not, one is dead or faulty or has a bad connection.

If maxtor's drive utilities can't read the drive, it's almost certainly dead, or has a bad connection. This has nothing to do with cpx mini or grub or lilo.

What probably happened was that the drive was about to fail, you wrote a bunch of data to it very fast [aka installing an OS], then it failed.
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