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jbs1136 - 23.07.2006, 04:50 Uhr
Titel: Soundcard problems
I have Kanotix64 installed and updated. My soundcard is a pci soundblaster live! 24. It is analog 7.1 and I have 5.1 speakers. I have no sound. I went to the manual on this site and found the configuration block. Opened console and did the few things that it said and I have great sound. Played lots of music from the xmmx. Closed it and later reopened it but had no sound. Had to repeat the steps again. I even did the alsactl store command but when I reboot I have no sound. I did KinfoCenter and the wrong card is showing, it shows the ALSA and not the ca0106 which is what it shows after I run alsaconfig in konsole. How do I store it where it will work when I reboot?

Thanks in advance,

mzilikazi - 23.07.2006, 05:20 Uhr
Titel: RE: Soundcard problems
Reboot the box and before configuring alsa do:
cat /proc/asound/cards

Let's see the results. It would be helpful to know if the card is at least detected and modules probed.
If the proper module(s) aren't even loaded you could add your required sound card module to /etc/modules. They'll get loaded on boot this way.
schnorrer - 23.07.2006, 13:14 Uhr
Titel: RE: Soundcard problems
Have you set you soundbalster to digital-out-only with windows? In this case boot win and set this soundcard option to No!
jbs1136 - 24.07.2006, 08:53 Uhr
Titel: RE: Soundcard problems
This is the result:
root@MainKanotix:~# cat /proc/asound/cards
0 [M5455 ]: ICH - ALi M5455
ALi M5455 with ALC658D at 0x0, irq 201

but it doesn't work. If I open root console and do alsaconf and go through the steps there and select soundblaster then it works. I just don't know how to store the choice so it will be correct when I reboot.

Soundblaster to digital - no, I did that once in windows and took me forever to find the problem of no sound. One of the first things I check.

Thanks guys,

schnorrer - 24.07.2006, 14:43 Uhr
Titel: RE: Soundcard problems
In this case, the ALI has it soundcard Activated and the SB-soundcard does not fit correctly in the PCI-Slot.

Same happend to me a few days ago. PCI-Soundcard doesn't fit and my DVB-Card has been partly found. Unable to watch tv but listen to the music.
DeepDayze - 24.07.2006, 16:41 Uhr
Titel: RE: Soundcard problems
try disabling onboard sound first in the BIOS and make sure the soundcard is firmly seated in the slot. Restart the system then try the alsaconf again. Hope that helps
jbs1136 - 24.07.2006, 18:57 Uhr
Titel: RE: Soundcard problems
Thanks guys, will try this and post back later. Damn, hate to take the covers off, just got them back on after being off for months.

jbs1136 - 26.07.2006, 06:47 Uhr
Titel: RE: Soundcard problems
Okay, took the cover off, removed the sound card and reinserted it. It did feel a little odd when I took it out. Crashed computer and reinstalled kanotix64. Started up, went to root console, alsaconf, went through the steps and set it up. Opened alsamixergui and adjusted sounds. Have opened and closed the program several times, rebooted at least twice and my music plays on!!! You guys are great, THANK YOU!! Had to shout that. Now if kaffeine would work. It crashes everytime I put music files in it. XMMS works great though.

When I run kaffeine and add music this is what happens:

"Short description
The application Kaffeine Player (kaffeine) crashed and caused the signal 11 (SIGSEGV)."

Any suggestions?
schnorrer - 26.07.2006, 10:54 Uhr
Titel: RE: Soundcard problems
xine as the backend couldn't connect to the url from your music. It's not kaffeine primaries crash but as a result from xine.
Tip add all music-files to kaffeine than let kaffeine play.
jbs1136 - 27.07.2006, 03:28 Uhr
Titel: RE: Soundcard problems
Thanks, I give that a try.

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