Hardware - S3 Graphics ProSavage DDR

satshen - 01.10.2006, 07:13 Uhr
Titel: S3 Graphics ProSavage DDR

I have a AMD Athlon XP +2000 / 256 mb ram, S3 Graphics ProSavage DDR onboard card - running Kanotix 2006-01-RC3 [kernel 2.6.18-slh-up-2]

I did a dist-upgrade yesterday using h2's script & things went smoothly [many thanks h2] - absolutely no problems. However scrolling on all open windows, firefox, openoffice etc is very jerky. Had a look at Xorg.conf
show driver as Vesa & not Savage. same info in Kanotix config display - ran detect video card... installed libgl2 but still showing up as vesa & scrolling is still jerky.

Pl. let me know what to do to get rid of jerky scrolling.

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