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luuuciano - 10.10.2006, 06:11 Uhr
Titel: Spanish forum
Can we have a spanish forum/section?

you know, like the english one...
Kano - 10.10.2006, 18:00 Uhr
Titel: RE: Spanish forum
I prefer to be able to understand what is written here. So no spanish here.
luuuciano - 11.10.2006, 01:16 Uhr
but... you do not want to learn spanish!?
came on... it is nice!

The_Seeker - 11.10.2006, 13:37 Uhr

came on... it is nice!

You obviously have a reasonable grip on the English language, why not just improve it and read the English forums?
devil - 11.10.2006, 13:54 Uhr
we are here to unite, not to split.
no spanish forum.

slh - 11.10.2006, 14:11 Uhr
Besides the language barrier in itself (which doesn't make hosting something we cannot read very comfortable for us --> legal implications), for adding a new forum section we'd need a sufficiently large (and self sustaining!) spanish speaking community that can support their users on their own (because we can't speak spanish and therefore can't answer support questions). The same goes for french which is in pretty much the same situation, experiments regarding this failed in the past.
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