Hardware - epia M10000, kanotix and openchrome/unichrome, need help!

Epia_III - 17.10.2006, 19:03 Uhr
Titel: epia M10000, kanotix and openchrome/unichrome, need help!
Hi all,
I'm a proud kanotix user. I own an M10k epia board and I've spent at least 1 month trying to install unichrome/openchrome driver/s, and related stuff.
Must say I'm quite noob and not so confident with linux but I'm trying to learn more.
Since I've followed a lot of howto and I can't get m.player or xine working I need help!
Any there succeded to use their epia board as a media player, and whould be so kind to help me? Smilie

thank you in advance and bye,
alessandro (IT)
Epia_III - 31.10.2006, 17:13 Uhr
ok, I've found the way....
I'm quite embarassed because of how it was simple... Smilie

It seems that on M10k boards certain bios settings prevent openchrome/unichrome driver to work...

for example if you choose "load safe settings" (like I've done for a long time hoping this could help... damn it...) theese drivers won't work at all....

otherwise selecting "load optimized default" will result in a working multimedia machine!!!!

hope this'll help n00b like me

bye all
alessandro (IT)
sokminer - 01.11.2006, 15:50 Uhr
openchrome needs to have at least 32Mb of RAM set aside in order to work properly. You're correct that it's accomplished in the BIOS
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