Hardware - Transferring files from External HD

SentralOrigin - 24.10.2006, 15:58 Uhr
Titel: Transferring files from External HD
I have an external drive that connects to my USB hole and I am transferring all my music and school work Microsoft Word files to my Kanotix box. How would I go about correctly transferring these files to my primary HD that Kanotix is on?
drb - 24.10.2006, 17:21 Uhr
Have you installed Kanotix? Does it recognise the attached drive? If so, just copy across.

SentralOrigin - 24.10.2006, 18:31 Uhr
Thanks for the advice drb.
I will do just that because last time I had trouble copying over some school text files from a USB memory stick.
Kanotix will automatically detect the external HD, right?
drb - 24.10.2006, 18:43 Uhr
It should do. Check the forum for specific problems.

SentralOrigin - 25.10.2006, 07:05 Uhr
It doesn't detect it. I think I have to mount it manually. Where do I mount it from?
eislon - 02.11.2006, 05:36 Uhr
SentralOrigin hat folgendes geschrieben::
It doesn't detect it. I think I have to mount it manually. Where do I mount it from?

There isn't coming an icon on the desktop? If there is an icon you could doubleclick on it. And it should open konquerer with the contains of the external HDD.
devil - 02.11.2006, 06:06 Uhr
...and if no icon appears, create a mountpoint for it first.
fist check with fdisk -l (small L) in konsole as root what the dvicename is, it could be /dev/sda. in that case do:
mkdir /media/sda

as root in konsole.
if sda is occupied already by usb device or sata disk, create sdb....
after the mountpoint is there, mount it with:
mount -t vfat /dev/sda /media/sda

and you can use it in konqueror or whereever you like.

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