General Support - Debian to use gnome??

Coors - 27.04.2007, 14:50 Uhr
Titel: Debian to use gnome??
I just did my Adept updates (216) and when rebooted all of the kde was gone and replaced with gnome...so I reloaded Kanotix 12 and have done some updates with Adept a second time and now the update program wants to remove everything from Amorak, Adept, K3B.....and on and on. What's going on???

Daddy-G - 27.04.2007, 15:42 Uhr
what release is kanotix 12 ? I don't understand this.
adept is not recommended to do a dist-upgrade (this is not kubuntu)

Latest Kanotix-release is 2006-01-RC4
The "howto" for the update to current "Kanotix-etch" you can find here:
(Its the link of the German FAQ, I know, but the text is in English)
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