Kanotix Requests - Possible Customization Features ?

kanotixkudos - 08.05.2007, 09:18 Uhr
Titel: Possible Customization Features ?
Tomas' Linux Live Scripts are being used in an increasing number of distros. This generally makes customization a snap.

Now NimbleX is introducing the possibility if CREATING and THEN DOWNLOADING a custom iso.

Any chance of incorporating such features in kanotix ? Smilie
kanotixkudos - 27.10.2007, 17:20 Uhr
Kano, It appears that your new unique "/deb" feature satisfies my request for customization possibility. Thank you VERY much for this. It is a brilliant solution and seems to work flawlessly in RC6 as far as I can tell. This is a truly wonderful way to incorporate new applications. It couldn't be much simpler Smilie
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