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Daddy-G - 16.09.2007, 10:17 Uhr
Titel: Bugreports Kanotix-2007-Thorhammer-RC6+RC7

please put significant bugs here (if you can find any Winken )

Happy testing

snakedriver - 17.09.2007, 19:01 Uhr
Titel: rt2500 wireless
On a Sager 4750V laptop, I boot with "nodhcp"
Kanotix comes up with no problems.
In a terminal as root, I do "ifconfig eth0 down
So that gets me to the postition with just rt2500 wireless available with module rt2500pci.

Now I use Network Card Config and it takes the wireless extensions with no problems.

Now I do "iwconfig" and I am presented with this message:
"Warning: Driver for device wlan0 has been compiled with version 22 of Wireless Extension, while this program supports up to version 20. Some things may be broken."
there is no ap associated.

When I do: "iwconfig wlan0 ap puttheapstringhere", Kanotix then freezes.

Other than that, it looks great!

Kano - 17.09.2007, 19:11 Uhr
Titel: RE: rt2500 wireless
Well there 2 drivers sometimes loaded, therefore you can use


as boot option and see if there is still a driver loaded.
eco2geek - 17.09.2007, 23:04 Uhr
Titel: acritoxinstaller and "unionfs" don't get along
I tried installing Thorhammer RC6 on my laptop. The first time, I used the "unionfs" cheatcode, and got quite a few error messages from the installer. Although the installer said it'd successfully installed Kanotix, it rebooted to a non-working GRUB. (It also took forever to install.)

I tried again, without the "unionfs" cheatcode, and it worked fine.

Other notes, not bug-related:

Kano - 17.09.2007, 23:22 Uhr
Titel: acritoxinstaller and "unionfs" don
You can use


directly. Thats a nice cheat Winken
snakedriver - 20.09.2007, 01:29 Uhr
Titel: RE: acritoxinstaller and "unionfs" don

blacklist=rt2500pci at boot,
and then
modprobe rt2500
did not work & nothing in lsmod.

My madwifi works very well (just not as much range), so don't feel any pressure on this bug.

csat - 08.10.2007, 00:56 Uhr

Everytime I try to install Kanotix 2007 RC6 to a partition on my HD it goes ok as it should but when I reboot and choose Kanotix it goes to a hd check routine. Pressing ESC can see:

checking root file system fsck 1.4 wip
/dev/hda5: superblock lost time mout is in the future. FIXED
/dev/hda5: superblock lost time write is in the future. FIXED

starting fsck routine as it had mounted many times before or if I had turned off computer without a properly shutdown.

I can upload my list result of lspci -v but it seems long a bit ...

My motherboard is Gigabyte GA-P35C-DS35 with Core 2 Duo E6850 3.0 GHz, 4 GB 800 mhz memory.

Two HD SATA2 of 320 GB each.


By the way, only Kanotix 2007 RC6 can boot and install on my system so far.

neal - 22.10.2007, 21:49 Uhr
I have started trying live CDs on a Toshiba M105-S3041 laptop. Thorhammer RC6 is almost perfect. The only problem is with kpowersave, which always indicates that the computer is plugged in and the batteries are fully charged, even when it is running on batteries (this is using the live CD, not installed on HD). Any ideas? Thanks.
kanotixkudos - 28.10.2007, 04:12 Uhr
I have been testing RC6 for a few weeks so far with much success and a couple problems.

tohd: working
fromhd: working
myconf: working
persistant home unencrypted: working
persistant home encrypted: NOT WORKING
/deb: working

The following errors come with "persistant encrypted home":

1/ Error when creating it: The KANOTIX configuration files could NOT be saved: ioctl:
LOOP_SET_STATUS: No such file or directory

2/ Error when rebooting: Mounting /media/hda15/kanotix.img as /home/kanotix...
File system not autodetected, try mounting with AES256 encryption
Password: (I entered the password here) then it says: ioctl:
LOOP_SET_STATUS: No such file or directory

Is there some requirement for the filesystem of the partition one is using for the encrypted persistant home, ie FAT32, ext3, ... ?

This is a very useful feature and it would be very nice if it could be working.

Thorhammer RC6 otherwise is working very well.
Kano - 28.10.2007, 08:30 Uhr
That feature nobody tried someone else than you, if you want fix it yourself.
kanotixkudos - 16.11.2007, 05:40 Uhr
/deb files are not used if fromhd and toram are used simultaneously.

If fromhd is used alone, /deb files are used as expected

This is true for RC6 and RC6B
Kano - 16.11.2007, 06:35 Uhr
That's clear, as those would have needed to get copied into RAM, which is not done. Not really that usefull to put em there...
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