General Support - Can and How-to apt-get with LiveCD

hitchup - 14.10.2007, 23:58 Uhr
Titel: Can and How-to apt-get with LiveCD
Can apt-get install be completed without error when using LiveCD?

I get errors about read write not avialable.

I want to put flashplayer into iceweasel and still have LiveCD.


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gs - 15.10.2007, 06:10 Uhr
Titel: Can and How-to apt-get with LiveCD
I think you have to
apt-get update.......
hitchup - 24.10.2007, 02:55 Uhr
Titel: flashplugin-nonfree MD5 error
apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree.
The tar.gz file rasies an MD5 error.
When I try the next time I receive a system is up to date notice and no addtional install action takes place.

The files for flashplayer all seem to be in the correct loactions but, there isn't a flash player pluged in to any of the browsers.

If anyone has suggestions about removing and reinstalling with apt-get, please respond.

Or, how to download and install without apt-get.


swirling_vortex - 27.10.2007, 03:07 Uhr
I think the reason for the MD5 error is the flash player in etch is an older version. Therefore, when the deb installs & downloads the newer flash player, the sizes are different & it spews out MD5 error.

Download & install this deb: http://mirrors.kernel.org/debian/pool/contrib/f/flashplugin-nonfree/flashplugin-nonfree_9.
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