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ockham23 - 01.01.2008, 11:59 Uhr
Titel: New Kanotix preview releases available for download
You can download Kanotix-2007-Thorhammer-RC6C and Kanotix-2007-Thorhammer-RC7 from http://debian.tu-bs.de/project/kanotix/preview/

RC6C uses kernel 2.6.22-10, whereas RC7 is based on more recent kernel 2.6.24.
pfe1223 - 01.01.2008, 19:52 Uhr
I have a previous release candidate burned to cd, and and have been mulling over installing it on my laptop. What improvements should I expect with RC7?
ockham23 - 01.01.2008, 20:18 Uhr
You get an up-to-date kernel that supports the latest hardware. You also get all updates and security fixes that you would otherwise have to install separately via dist-upgrade. By the way, there's nothing to mull over. Installation only takes a few minutes. If you like Kanotix, you keep it. If not, replace it with another distro. Also check the XDELTA patches. If you already downloaded RC6B, you can start building the iso from that. So you only have to download 200 megabytes instead of 700.
thecdn - 01.01.2008, 22:36 Uhr
I'm downloading now and will give it a try, but a question if I may. Why, when you are using the newest 2.6.24 kernel, are you using the now old kde 3.5.5 and OO 2.0.4? I have 9 different distros installed and test about 2 different ones a week and most kde distros are now on 3.5.8 with a couple on 3.5.7. The oldest OO I've seen recently is 2.2.*.

Is this because this is a rc release or is this a design philosophy to be conservative with such things?
ockham23 - 01.01.2008, 23:25 Uhr
Fair observation. This distro is based on Debian stable (etch), which was released in April 2007. Kano adapts it to run with recent kernels and he has included a number of backports. Apparently, he's already testing KDE 3.5.8. There's also a number of scripts that allow the user to set up the system in a very efficient way. The goal is to achieve maximum stability while overcoming some limits of etch. Plus you get all security fixes from etch. If you're looking for all the latest packages, however, Debian unstable is probably a better choice for you.
Kano - 02.01.2008, 00:04 Uhr
RC7 has a kernel with no legacy ide code in the kernel. All ide controllers are managed by libata now. The included installer can not install onto partitions with a number >=10 at the end, but you could dist-upgrade in live mode (after fix-unionfs) and get a fixed installer. Expect a fixed iso soon.
theratzul - 04.01.2008, 09:27 Uhr
RC7 is a very good edition. I have an acer 5520g and the Ubuntu 7.10 edition had no drivers for my ethernet or audio card.I installed RC7 and I have drivers even for my integrated web cam.
Kanotix is a very good Os and it is a true canditate for Vista or other Linux distros.
A bad thing about Kanotix is the missing programs Synaptic or Aptitude. I put a new download line in the apt source.list in order to have aptitude installed on my sistem.Apt-get is a good commad line but a new graphical software like Synapitc or Aptitude is preferable
Daddy-G - 04.01.2008, 15:30 Uhr
I use synaptic too.
It is a very useful tool for an overview and information about packages etc.
But it would be a bad idea, to use it for dist-upgrade.
Always do an dist-upgrade in init 3

You don't need aptitude, it is recommended to use apt-get with Kanotix.
Kano - 04.01.2008, 19:03 Uhr
It must be very hard to do

apt-get update
apt-get install synaptic

I never use a gui - I always use apt-cache policy/seach and apt-get...
Daniele - 07.06.2008, 05:43 Uhr
Kano hat folgendes geschrieben::
It must be very hard to do

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