Kanotix Requests - A better Manual please

dptxp - 14.02.2008, 11:19 Uhr
Titel: A better Manual please
Can we have a nice manual ?
It may be small and contain just the basics.
miltonjohn - 14.02.2008, 12:29 Uhr
Titel: A better Manual please
you can download at "manual" if you dont like it cause it is a old thing - i am sorry
but in this thread you might see that somebody is working on it....
http://www.kanotix.com/index.php?name=P ... highlight=
be patient!
dptxp - 14.02.2008, 12:55 Uhr
Titel: RE: A better Manual please
Thanks miltonjohn.

The current manual page is antique. The wiki page (link on 'manual' page) perhaps does not exist. I do not know German (my kids do a bit) but I see on that thread that work is going on.

Why not put a small temporary functional page meanwhile replacing the current one ? Mainly on upgrading first.
Very old pages do not look good.
Kano - 14.02.2008, 17:02 Uhr
Titel: RE: A better Manual please
merlin - 14.02.2008, 17:20 Uhr
Titel: RE: A better Manual please
Kanotix based on debian stable/etch and of course you can use this book:

Daddy-G - 14.02.2008, 18:22 Uhr
Titel: Current Manual

afaik is the manual of Kano's link above the only current document of Thorhammer Release (It's the same offline-manual on the CD resp. iso)

I wondered why not pushing the antique manual to the archive and give a link to adapter's efforts to provide a small but helpful documentation about the current Thorhammer-releases.
Perhaps it would be better to expand this manual a little, to have a small but current documentation and forget the "antique" sh...

btw. the forum was never outdated, but the English part was sometimes sleeping. Traurig
dptxp - 15.02.2008, 09:02 Uhr
Titel: Re: RE: A better Manual please
Kano hat folgendes geschrieben::

BTW why does not the link 'manual' on English forums take to this page ?
Kano - 15.02.2008, 09:16 Uhr
Titel: Re: RE: A better Manual please
Sooner or later it will change...
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