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harryhood - 26.04.2008, 22:57 Uhr
Titel: Qsynaptics
I've got a touchpad on my Dell 9300 that i need to turn the "tapping" off. When I
start Qsynaptics, it says there is no driver installed. Is there a way to install the driver
using a liveCD with a persistent home dir on a USB stick?
My problem is when I move the cursor around, it inadverntly might interpret it as a "tap"

Kano - 26.04.2008, 23:50 Uhr
Titel: Qsynaptics
How about getting it on hd?
harryhood - 27.04.2008, 01:44 Uhr
Titel: RE: Qsynaptics
Hi Kano,

No room left! I need to get another blank HDD and devote it to Linux soon...

harryhood - 28.04.2008, 23:42 Uhr
Titel: RE: Qsynaptics
Turns out it is an ALPS touchpad and editing xorg.conf seems to have fixed what I needed....
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