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grumpshappy - 03.06.2008, 21:17 Uhr
Titel: wireless network adptor
I have a Netgesr wpn824 router. After much heart ache to set it up in works great with a window netbeiu network. Linux can also access the internet Fine.

I am setting up a computer for my wife that needs a wireless conection. I was checking into useing the wpn311 adapter. In checking for linux drivers, I read a considerable amount of negative infor about this adapter -- both for linux and windows It does have some linux support.

What are some wireless adpaters compatable with both kanotix rc7 and the wpn824 router?

Any suggestions?

grumpshappy - 05.06.2008, 14:44 Uhr
Noone uses the wpn311 wireless network adapter?
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