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rolo48 - 04.08.2008, 08:06 Uhr
Titel: Kanotix Thorhammer -CD Update?
Hello Kanotix User

Although the amount of data to update the installation already exceed 300mb + kernel, Kano is of the opinion that a version update of the CD (yet to etch base) is no longer worthwhile.

Definitely it is only continue with other versions, when Lenny Stable and the thing runs smoothly.
O-Ton Kano: "Do not want to annoying Updates!

Until then finally Lenny Stable is what September 2008 or even 2009, works Kano continued to optimize the kernel and a few other great things .....

Ask him the best in IRC or even here in the forum. The one or the other might be helpful as a tester

Thus, I think we can all discussions on Thor hammer finals updates of the documents lay and wait to the day when it's finished.
(Debian old rule: It is ready when it is finished)
Daniele - 04.08.2008, 09:15 Uhr
Titel: RE: Kanotix Thorhammer -CD Update?
Thanks again, rolo48, that is as I suspected: Kanotix Thorhammer cannot be updated to Lenny.
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