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Letehn - 04.11.2009, 19:00 Uhr
Titel: Wireless network help..
Hey, i wonder how to get kanotix to pick up the wireless card? It's Atheros AR5B95 if that helps. I'm completely new to linux so i'd apreciate if you explained it slow and steady.. Geschockt
DerangedGonzo - 04.11.2009, 19:10 Uhr
Titel: Wireless network help..
Do you use Thorhammer or Excalibur? In most cases - but im not completely sure about that card - Excalibur will detect your card and you should be able to use it with "wicd" (the wicd-server should start at boottime, and the wicd-client should be visible in your tray - or start it with "wicd-client" )
try to type into a terminal
iwlist s
to see whether kanotix is able to scan for wlan in your area

If you still have Thorhammer, i advise you to come into the chat and ask Kano for the latest Excalibur-iso

And welcome to Kanotix =)
Letehn - 04.11.2009, 19:16 Uhr
Titel: RE: Wireless network help..
Hey, thanks for your interest! I use thorhammer. I see the wireless networking utility thingy in the tray, but it doesen't seem to be detecting any devices..
DerangedGonzo - 04.11.2009, 19:23 Uhr
Titel: RE: Wireless network help..
So im quite sure Thorhammer does not use wicd - and is very old by now.
Excalibur is way faster and has even better Hardwarerecognition.
On the left in the menu you can see the "IR-Chat" button. You can get into the IRC with that, or with an irc-client of your choice - connect to irc.freenode.net and join #kanotix
There is only one real condition to get Excalibur: Dont call sourself "Webkanotix..." Winken
You'll meet Kano there - and he will give you the link to excalibur if you ask him.
He should be able to tell you whether the card will work - or not.

Im overquestioned when it comes to bring this card to work with thorhammer though Winken
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