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xenios - 02.06.2010, 19:29 Uhr
Titel: fglrx script
Been using Lenny for a while, and although I've installed both the ATI and the repo proprietary drivers, I've not gotten the same results as from the script. It was definitely easier than building, loading and editing by hand Winken

The system's a simple desktop with the HD3200 IGP and a 1680x1050 screen, mostly used for surfing and streaming movies. The streaming was good before, but now its great... the fps is better than when the ATI driver was installed and double what it was with the repo driver. The result is a desktop with a little more snap to it and noticably smoother streaming.

The script was run on two different Lenny installations with the repo's fglrx installed... a 32-bit KDE desktop and a 64-bit netinstal with Fluxbox and Rox-filer. Had to run the script twice as it wouldn't delete a /tmp directory with files in it the first time. After deleting it (/tmp/fglrx.yiIPPn in KDE), the second run finished without error.

To Kano, and anyone else who worked on the script... Thank You!
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