Installation - Changing Grub2 to Grub Legacy

Scodge - 15.07.2010, 09:09 Uhr
Titel: Changing Grub2 to Grub Legacy
Hi all.

OK, so I've downloaded the 64 bit KDE4 version of Excalibur, burned it, and taken it for a test drive. Everything checks out OK so I installed it on a spare partition, instructing the installer to put Grub into the same partition (as I do not want to overwrite my MBR).

Now, the existing MBR was writen by a previous version of Kanotix (Thorhammer - though which version I cannot remember) and is Legacy Grub. The new Kanotix Excaliber will not boot because Grub2 is not very compatible with Legacy Grub. This was expected so I tried to use the live DVD to become root on the Excalibur partition to delete Grub2 and install Grub. I used the instructions on the Kanotix Wiki (http://kanotix.com/index.php?module=pnWikka&tag=Grub2recovery) but every time I get to the instruction line *chroot /mnt* I get the error message - */bin/bash : No such file or directory*

Anyone have any ideas why my Kanotixbox doesn't seem to recognise the chroot command?

Kano - 15.07.2010, 10:23 Uhr
Titel: Changing Grub2 to Grub Legacy
Basically you can use

title Excalibur 64 KDE
kernel (hd0,X)/boot/grub/core.img

Chainload will not work. More easy is to use GRUB 2 in MBR - then you only have to run


in your Linux install with GRUB 2 in MBR.
hardtime - 15.07.2010, 22:20 Uhr
Titel: Complaints, complaints...
I'm sorry to report that I continued to have monitor 'out of range' errors on this computer, Gateway SX2800-01, with Intel X4500 graphics, id 80862E22.

I currently fixed the problem by ditching grub2 and using a plain grub-legacy menu.lst.
No problems so far.

I have grub installed with Suse, passing control to the Kanotix menu.lst. No 'core.img', just title, uuid, root, kernel and initrd declarations.
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