All the news about Kanotix - On the road to Hellfire / Squeeze stable release

TheOne - 24.12.2010, 04:50 Uhr
Titel: On the road to Hellfire / Squeeze stable release
Hello non-german forum readers,

yeah sorry the english forum isn't as active as the german section. So i will summarize some things happened on the road to Kanotix Hellfire.
The Debian people are very active and fix the RC Bugs one by one. Of cource the Kanotix people are working on stuff for the next major release too Winken

As the result you can test a new Kanotix Hellfire Test-Iso with up-to-date squeeze packages, some usefull pre configs and my complete Kanotix branding stuff. In addition you can try new Kernel versions up to 2.6.37-rc7 and many more new stuff.

For everyone who's new to Kanotix we got an up-to-date translation of the Kanotix installation wiki article here.
(yes english wiki needs more active people too Mit den Augen rollen - you are welcome)

If you want to participate the testing, visit Kanotix IRC Channel and ask Kano for a link. We are happy about any feedback Sehr glücklich

Best regards,
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