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TheOne - 16.03.2011, 02:03 Uhr
Titel: "I like Kanotix ..." Follow Up - LinuxTag
The Kanotix project is preparing for the LinuxTag 2011 event in Berlin. The users outside of Germany can help us with that too. If you have a great idea how we can present the Kanotix project and Hellfire as best, please tell us in IRC or PM me Winken

This thread is a follow up with your attitudes that we want to collect for an "I like Kanotix ..." poster. So please tell us why you like Kanotix. Get the point, because long descriptions are unhandy for this purpose, but if you can not express it better, long texts are more than nothing. Winken

Thanks TheOne

PS: if you understand german, you can read the special Wiki article LinuxTag 2011 too
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