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Tejas - 16.05.2011, 11:49 Uhr
Titel: About Kanotix
You seem to be so modest. I've searched high and low to find which version I'm running, and it's not easy to find. I'm now running the live edition.

So, my suggestion is to have a subitem "About Kanotix" within the Kanotix menu item, which then opens a pop-up window along the lines of "About Iceweasel", and which contais the version, info and contributors, and including for example :
Kanotix Hellfire 2011-05 based on Debian 6.0 (Squeeze).

* Kernel 2.6.38 final (Ubuntu - recompiled)
* KDE SC 4.4.5 with Kanotix Branding
* Amarok 2.4.0
* Libre Office 3.3.2
* Grub2 Bootmanager (Version 1.98+20100804)
* KDE Network Manager (Version 1:0.9~svn1141976)
* Iceweasel 4.0.1
* Icedove 3.1.9
* Pidgin 2.7.11
* ntfs-3g 2011.1.15
* Wine 1.3.19 (per Lucid PPA)
* Kanos scripts for installing Nvidia or ATI graphics driver, as well as Flash-Player-Plugin

TheOne - 16.05.2011, 20:55 Uhr
Titel: About Kanotix
Hi Tejas,

there is no such item. You can see your Kanotix version via the command
cat /etc/kanotix-version
or simply type
infobash -v
the informations about your installed software can be found via
apt-cache policy Package-Name

I will take your suggestion as an idea for future versions of Kanotix Winken
Tejas - 16.05.2011, 21:57 Uhr
Hi TheOne

Good to know Smilie

dpkg -l <lPackage Name>
dpkg -l live-initramfs
||/ Name           Version        Description
ii  live-initramfs 2.0.15-1       Debian Live - System Boot Scripts (transitio

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