Kanotix Requests - root authentication in KDE4

coyotl - 20.06.2011, 11:15 Uhr
Titel: root authentication in KDE4
How about fixing that?
(I realize it's a loose end in kde4)
Feels a little primitive to have to launch Systemsettings through terminal and sux root Mit den Augen rollen
TheOne - 20.06.2011, 23:05 Uhr
Titel: root authentication in KDE4
That is part of newer upstream KDE versions. You could not expect all the new stuff from upstream right now in Debian stables KDE version.

But you don't need a terminal to execute the systemsettings as root. Just use Alt+F2 and enter
kdesu systemsettings
Btw. what do you want to change there that need root priviliges? Maybe there is a better way to do it.

Cheers, TheOne
coyotl - 21.06.2011, 01:14 Uhr
Thanks that worked on this machine (32 bit Hellfire).
On my other pc, main workstation it did not -any attempt to start a program with root privileges had to go through terminal + sux root.
I needed to fix the system clock/time zone settings.

The other pc is now running ubuntu but only temporarily - I just never got that installation right, was from RC6 and I messed around because of a wifi/3g problem etc.
will get it right with the latest version -its just that i have to download on my free 'broadband' which gives 12-13 kb/sec.
19 hours left last time i checked, just left it on before leaving town
mobile internet can get up to ca. 200 but that is limited to 6gb month.
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