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jacksbutler - 15.10.2011, 08:48 Uhr
Titel: Gdebi
Hi all, I installed Kanotix 5/11 with no trouble but I cannot get Gdebi to work? I am trying to install NeroLinux, which I much prefer to use as it supports overburning better than any others, but when I click on the deb package, Gdebi comes up but when I put in the password and press install, nothing else happens. Never happened before. I tried doing apt-get install but that wouldn't work either. Any ideas? Thanks.
Antonius - 15.10.2011, 11:48 Uhr
Titel: dpkg
Did you try to install the *.deb the way that is described in the Kanotix wiki


as well as in the Nerolinux manual which can be downloaded as pdf file from the Nero homepage?

As root:
dpkg --install filename.deb

Did you try k3b instead of Nerolinux? For me k3b has always worked well.
jacksbutler - 15.10.2011, 15:06 Uhr
Titel: RE: dpkg
Thanks for the reply and will try your suggestion. K3b is nowhere near as good as NeroLinux. For a start, you cannot even choose whether to have gaps between the tracks or not and it does not overburn as well either.
TheOne - 15.10.2011, 21:16 Uhr
Titel: RE: dpkg
Hi jacksbutler,

I am not familiar with NeroLinux, but I know K3b. Gaps between songs in audio cd project is possible of course. Insert your tracks to the project and use right mouse click on a track (context menu). Use the insert silence function and enter your desired silence length. Due the fact that I do not use NeroLinux, I can not compare the overburn quality with K3b's overburn quality. Winken

Best regards,
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