Installation - Is LibreOffice installed?

oxyde - 20.12.2011, 08:44 Uhr
Titel: Is LibreOffice installed?

I read on this site the release notes about Kanotix Hellfire 2011-05 and I knew that Kanotix includes Libre Office 3.3.2, but I am not able to launch it. I don't find it in Applications -> Office. Konsole (with the command "which") doesn't find it. If I click on a .odt icon Kanotix runs Okular to view the document, and if I click on a .ods icon Kanotix runs Ark.

Have I to download any packages?

Thanks for the help
Kano - 20.12.2011, 08:49 Uhr
Titel: Is LibreOffice installed?
Well i usually update lo with every major release. So currently you find the 3.4.x packages in the lo extra repo, next year most likely 3.5.x. after every major release the one and only package that has the same name is the one for the menu entries, and therefore those are lost, just do what


shows you in the irc, that will tel you how to delete old and install new packages.
oxyde - 24.12.2011, 11:44 Uhr
Thanks, I'll try it.
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