Kanotix Requests - mplayerthumbs

danboid - 30.05.2012, 19:04 Uhr
Titel: mplayerthumbs
The first 'must have' package I've found missing in the Dragonfire preview has been mplayerthumbs, which is required to get thumbnail previews of video files working under Dolphin. Seeing as Kanotix already includes mplayer and mplayerthumbs is all of 70kb in size it would seem mad to me not to include it as default in DF.

Current DF users installing this need to be aware that after installing they must also check that video preview has been enabled under Dolphin prefs -> General -> Previews -> Video Files
danboid - 04.06.2012, 13:13 Uhr
Titel: RE: mplayerthumbs
I have now created my own custom build of Dragonfire that includes mplayerthumbs (and a few extra multimedia apps) and pre-configures Doplhin to show video thumbnails by default.

I have submitted my patches to Kano so hopefully he'll decide to include this feature in the next release!?
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