Kanotix Requests - KDEnlive as Kanotix video editor?

danboid - 03.06.2012, 12:36 Uhr
Titel: KDEnlive as Kanotix video editor?
I think Kanotix already has an excellent choice of packages and most common desktop computing tasks can be achieved with just the apps included with the full versions of the distro except for one popular task - video editing.

Seeing as Kanotix is primarily a KDE distro then including KDEnlive would make a lot of sense and its certainly more user friendly than the alternatives of blender and **censored**. Maybe we'll have the choice of Lightworks soon too although from what I hear that won't be fully open source like KDEnlive which is here now and working very nicely too.

I couldn't see this idea being discussed in the English forums here and I've not checked the German forums so excuse me if this has already been discussed and decided against. I would expect not to see KDEnlive included on the mini versions of Kanotix although it'd be great if it could be fit onto the mini releases too!
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