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danboid - 10.06.2012, 11:33 Uhr
Titel: Pulseaudio
I've been testing Pulseaudio 2.0 under Kanotix and I would most definitely recommend its inclusion in Dragonfire if only for its ability to let you 'hot swap' audio streams between your various playback devices; a feature people would be right to expect in a modern desktop OS and something not possible with alternate Linux audio subsystems.

There is a guide for setting up PA on the Debian forums that I won't link or recommend because it is both outdated and doesn't cover KDE/Qt users and a dedicated guide isn't needed as I'll sum it up now in a few sentences.

The only additional package that needs to be installed is pulseaudio but I'd also recommend considering installing pulseaudio-module-bluetooth, pulseaudio-module-jack and pulseaudio-module-zeroconf. kmix seems to support all the important PA features provided by pavucontrol etc and you will be able to tell that KDE/ kmix have found your PA libs because when you open up kmix you will see four tabs instead of just one.

To transfer an audio stream from one playback device to another using kmix open its main window, select the 'Playback streams' tab, right-click on the stream you wish to move then select the new output device from the move sub-menu.

Thats it! If you have other machines running PA and the zeroconf PA module / zeroconf service then you can easily move and share audio streams between machines this way although in my experience they need to be hard wired unless you have an exceptional wifi setup.
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