General Support - Trouble with persistence regarding package installation

kkrofft - 18.01.2013, 17:18 Uhr
Titel: Trouble with persistence regarding package installation
I would like to use the latest Hellfire release to build a small home fileserver.

I have:
created a bootable USB stick
booted up
switched to persistent mode
revised the hostname
added users
installed samba, samba-common, samba-common-bin
mounted the hard drive
set up the smb.conf
started the samba daemons
and when I tested from a windows 7 box it all work as it should ecept my dhcp server has an issue with the ip address I want issued but otherwise all was good. I rebooted to test my fix of the IP issue and after booting I find that samba is not running the package manager says it is installed but the start command at /etc/init.d/samba are not there. Whereis and find cannot locate it.

I tried reinstalling the packages a few time and rebooting each time. the result is always the same it acts like samba is not there but the package manager and apt-get say it is.

What am I doing wrong?

Kano - 18.01.2013, 17:59 Uhr
Titel: Trouble with persistence regarding package installation
Just do a normal install onto usb key if you want to take it with you - you need a ext4 partition on it, select the mbr from the usb key. Do not use persistent mode, thats not for what you want to do.
kkrofft - 18.01.2013, 18:40 Uhr
I don't want to take it with me. I want it to persistently boot as configured from the USB stick. USB stick means I can configure and save without rewriting a CD to boot from and does not use hard drive space for the OS that can be used for storing files.
How does one easily make installed packages persist?

Any idea why when I installed samba the first time, the daemons ran and now even removing and reinstalling does not allow me to start them?
Kano - 18.01.2013, 19:09 Uhr
It is not for servers this mode.
kkrofft - 18.01.2013, 19:37 Uhr
OK. So it is not for servers. But it would work fine for me if it behaved the way it seems it should.
I mean what good is adding any package if it does not persist past a reboot. If I add a different web browser, I would expect it to be there the next time I boot myu USB key. Why would any package be different?

And why does it not work after reinstalling the package? It worked perfectly the first time.
Kano - 18.01.2013, 20:02 Uhr
It would work when you restart the service and add the users again. But a normal hd install works from usb key as well.
kkrofft - 18.01.2013, 20:08 Uhr
So I should use a running live image to install to a USB stick correct?
I assume a live CD or even anothe usb drive could be used?
Kano - 18.01.2013, 20:12 Uhr
You can install from one usb key to the next, should work.
kkrofft - 18.01.2013, 21:08 Uhr
Makes sense. I'll give it a try. Thank you.
kkrofft - 21.01.2013, 12:45 Uhr
Could not get the install to work on the flash drive. I keep getting a grub error and it stops at the grub rescue prompt. I googled the error and tried all the suggestions I could find which were all ideas on reinstalling grub but still no dice. Usb drive works OK with a live image so it should be able to boot an install but I can't make it work.
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