Anything goes - use tor browser as SOCKS5 proxy for anon mumble VOIP chat

mai77 - 16.02.2014, 21:58 Uhr
Titel: use tor browser as SOCKS5 proxy for anon mumble VOIP chat

this tutorial http://huertanix.tumblr.com/post/55261352264/location-anonymous-voice-communication-a-step-by-step

walks you through running mumble voice chat through tor.

Idea is to obfuscate your IP address of course and anonymisation for added ban-resilience asf.. short version:

you're done!

the rest is just for verification using murmur.exe . but you'll notice speed is much slower.

note how the above author from NYC instructs to use port # 9050. Geschockt
But check that against your settings via the torbutton, new relases use port 9150 instead.
with the wrong port number (not the same between mumble and tor) you will not get anywhere.

It works on Linux and Win, eg. Win8.1-64.
speed is good enough for voice, else you would have to purchase a performant VPN. So this is "poor man's VPN tunnel" for mumble.

this way you circumvent bans and such. Lachen
in mumble, your IP, cert or nickname may get banned, but tor adds flexibility there. Sehr böse
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