General Support - Which Kanotix for my PC?

gap - 08.05.2016, 11:57 Uhr
Titel: Which Kanotix for my PC?
Hello everyone! I am not a specialist in installing components, drivers etc..., nor in using commands in terminal or elsewhere. I just need a linux for normal web surfing, that is with all plugins, codecs, drivers working. But even this is hard for the moment...
So I have to post some questions, and I need simple and clear instructions step by step.

First of all, what kanotix is good for my PC (see below):
- 32bit or 64bit ?
- KDE or LXDE ?

Many thanks!
Kano - 08.05.2016, 12:23 Uhr
Titel: Which Kanotix for my PC?
You need a 64 bit system to use Google Chrome, does not matter if KDE or LXDE. Only Chrome ships latest Flash if you need that.
gap - 08.05.2016, 21:37 Uhr
Titel: RE: Which Kanotix for my PC?
Thank you, Kano.
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