Installation - How to make bootable USB stick.

vitency - 26.11.2020, 01:50 Uhr
Titel: How to make bootable USB stick.
I'm trying out sevarl new distros and using a set format:

1. Download an installation ISO.

2. Write the ISO to a USB stick using:
dd if=path/to/ISO of=/dev/sdX bs=4M

3. Boot the USB stick.

All has worked fine except for Kanotix. The USB stick is ignored by the bootloader which presents the standard GRUB menu.

Could you please advise how to make the USB stick bootable.
Kano - 26.11.2020, 08:16 Uhr
Titel: How to make bootable USB stick.
Basically Kanotix was one of the first distributions to support this way to boot (ISO Hybrid). But right now I would call it outdated. If you have got problems then maybe you have got Secure Boot active in the firmware, please disable it. If your system is relatively new (Intel iX-5+) then Ventoy would work in UEFI mode with Kanotix, otherwise only with CSM. Ventoy is a really great tool which supports lots of ISO images. Definitely the way to go...
vitency - 27.11.2020, 02:07 Uhr
Titel: RE: How to make bootable USB stick.
Thanks for the advice.

My BIOS offers the following settings:

1. Quiet Boot: Disabled.

2. Fast Boot: Disabled.

3. OS Selection: Windows 8.x - Windows 7 - Android. Windows 7 is the default.

4. Network PXE: Do not launch - UEFI - Legacy. Do not launch is the default.

None of the Network PXE settings work. The USB stick is identified as:


I've already installed MX Linux and Slackware without trouble. Would appreciate your comments.
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