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Titel: way to disable 1 tuner in Kanotix? can't configure any of 2  BeitragVerfasst am: 01.11.2006, 15:37 Uhr

Anmeldung: 31. Okt 2006
Beiträge: 7
Wohnort: Toronto, Canada
Hi there,

I've done my searches, and think I've got a unique problem, mainly cause one of my tuners is so obscure. That tuner is made by powercolor, but run by an ati Theatre 550 Pro chip, and one of the very first devices to have a PCIEx1 hardware interface. It works very well in my windoze media center edition drive, but during my research on a *hope* to migrate completely to linux I gave up on getting that card to work on linux. So I bought another hdd and a second tuner: the hauppauge 250 wintv card, specifically for linux. It won't work under windoze for some reason, although i think i know why, and that's not my reason for posting here, anyway.

In my new Kanotix installation, I try to configure my tuner, and am able to select the correct hauppauge card only for step 1, but step 2 asks me for another card, and nothing close to my powercolor/ati card is available (i've tried choosing generic for card 1, but then hauppage doesn't show up as a choice in step 2, and vice versa), so I've also tried selecting 'no tuner'. Xawtv and the card configuration always aborts at the getting channels step.

Q: is there a way that I could disable the ati tuner in kanotix, the way you can disable a second nic? I've already tried to disable the tuner in bios, and checked my manual for the Asus A8N32-SLI Deluxe mobo. That possible solution is a no-go, as the *only* mention of PCIEx4 and PCIEx1 devices in the manual is that the mobo supports them. In the bios setup, the only allusion to PCIE is to the PCIEx16 slots for the graphics cards.

I know I will have to get more software setup, like the epg and lirc, but I'd really like to have the card configured b4 i go to that step...without the proper ivtv drivers, getting epg/zap2it will be useless. Do I really need to get my screwdrivers out and remove the ati card? I'd really like to keep using it for windoze when i need to use windoze...(for my volunteer work...although i may be able to get codeweaver versions of work apps down the road when I have some more $; the problem is that codeweaavers' ported version of Endnote is only for v. 8, which is very buggy...i develop Endnote databases in v. 9).

Thanks in advance for any help on this. Now that amd has bought ati perhaps releasing the source code for linux porting will be possible, but waiting months or years for my full linux migration is out of the question.
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